This company in Missouri makes unique Corvette items - like outdoor barbeques, beds, desks, tables, etc. that are out of this world.  Incredible ideas that are perfect for the She Shed or Man Cave or Vette Room.  

corvette barbeque

It almost seems certain that Chevrolet will release its Mid-Engine Corvette in 2019.   Yet, there have been Corvettes in the past with a mid-engine Corvette.  You can actually buy one today.  This article from Motor Authority talks about a Mid-Engine design C4 Corvette that was nicknamed Mysterro and designed by Kral, a CZech car designer who worked for Porsche and others during his career.  Its a 1993 Innotech that runs and has only 62 miles with its 5.7 liter V-8 engine.  It has a custom 5-speed manual transmission.   It's a gorgeous car!

c4 midengine

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Genovation GXE, electric Corvette Grand Sport conversion, coming to CES

Not sure if 800 HP and 220 MPH will be enough for some enthusiasts - but I'm willing to take it for a test drive.


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Great article from Hagerty that discusses 5 great Corvettes to buy as a collector that are under $20,000.   Here they are:

FiveUnder 1973 Corvette454 Mecum

 2001-2004 C5 Z06

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1990-1995 C4 ZR-1
1987-1991 C4 Calloway
1978 C3 Corvette Indy Pace Car
1973 C3 Corvette 454


This is a great article to read.  With some fun Corvette details.  Read it Here





It appears the mid-Engine C8 Corvette that has been rumored will officially happen in 2019.   It will be produced along side the current C7 corvette for the first year.   Exciting for those that have waited decades for the rumored mid-engine Corvette.  Click on the link to the article from Corvette Action Center.


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