c8 corvette

GM started their 2nd Shift for production of the C8 Corvette - what this means:

The assembly line will produce 11.6 cars per hour

They will assemble them 16 hours a day.

That equates to 928 cars a week.   Roughly 3712 a month.  

Seven months of production should equate to roughly 25,000 cars produced for 2020.  Not bad for the first year.

Convertibles will begin production during the summer it seems.

Can't wait to see them on the Road!!

Finally!!!  Production of the Model Year 2020 Corvettes has started in Bowling Green.   Seems dealers can still order 2020 model year cars until end of April, and the 2021 Model year production will begin in September, 2020.

2020 NCM Silver C8 small

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This guys dream came true.  As a computer technician, he had always dreamed of make a remote control car.  His dream came true when he made a complete Remote Control package for his C6 Corvette.  What a great project and fun toy. 



C7 Bowling Green

As the C7 Corvette production comes to an end, its a great time to see just how they were manufactured by Corvette.  This is a great video that is completely enlightening. 

Watch the Video Here




a Heart warming story about a young high school lad who gets a 1960 Corvette for his high school graduation gift.   You can see how happy and proud he is to own this car.  Great story to read to your grandchildren to prep them for when you give them your old Corvette......read the story here



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