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C5 Cup Holder Fix

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If you own or have owned a C5, you are probably frustrated with the lack of a decent place to put a cup or bottle without having to fight it while driving.  It's one of the biggest interior complaints you will see or hear.   There are several solutions for it that I will highlight here quickly.

cupholderC5CupHolder Small

My favorite is this ring that slips over the cup holder cover to create a taller holder for your cup.  Found online on Facebook at Corvette Clips.  $20 shipped to your door, and you can pay $4 to have anything printed on it.  This picture has Corvette added to it.  The business owner actually prints these out on his 3d Printer.

CorvetteModsCupHolderCorvetteModsCupHolder 2

Corvette Mods has this version for one or two cup holders.  Priced at $39.99  Found on Corvette Mods web site.

C5CupHolder Tall  Here is a $55 option also from Corvette Mods.

C5CupHolderWaterfallCoupe  There is this waterfall option as well, but just for the Coupe.

In any case, drive safe with a cup holder that works!  It's a small cost to improve your safety.

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