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Eastside Corvette Club is dedicated to being a fun club for fun people who want to drive their Corvettes to fun places and do fun things. 

To achieve this, the direction and activities of ECC are determined by the members, for the members. 

About Us -

Eastside Corvette Club enjoys a diverse membership, with many interests and hobbies involving Corvettes.   We are a civic organization of Corvette enthusiasts located in Puget Sound Washington with our offices located on the Eastside of Lake Washington.  Some of our activities:

  • Car tours to various points of interest including wineries, casinos, museums, restaurants.
  • Numerous Parades
  • Corvette events including other Corvette car clubs, show and shines, rallies.
  • Club Social Events such as glass blowing, chocolate making, picnics and other events for pure socialization

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2019 ECC All Corvette Show


Mark your calendar!  August 22nd, 2019 a group of Corvettes leave seatte for a 6 day drive to Bowling Green, Kentucky for the 25th Anniversary of the National Corvette Museum.   This should be a fantastic trip, with the potential of thousands of cars joining in!  The flyer for the event is below, along with contact information for Ken Thomas, the 2019 Pacific Northwest Caravan Captain, website for details and phone number.


This should be a fantastic events.  Several Eastside Corvette Members plan on participating.

Update - December 25 - 2018   So far, it looks like 6 members of Eastside Corvette Club are taking this trip, and possibly several others.  Ken Huebler from our club will be co-ordinating between our club members.  Please contact Ken if you will be going.  On the return trip, everyone is on their own, but we have published a tentative trip map so those that want to can return together.  That trip is via a Southern route so far, which will include Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma (Part of Route 66), Texas, New Mexico, Arizon, California, Nevada and Oregon.  If you have ideas and thoughts with regards to the trip, please let Ken know.

20180424 Wenatchee Valley Corvette Club MiniInterested in some early sunshine?  Wenatchee Valley Corvette Club’s 7th Annual Nothing But Corvettes Show, on April 28, 2018 should give that opportunity.  It is billed as “The Best Corvette Show by a Dam Site”!   It will be held at the Rocky Reach Dam Park just north of Wenatchee on Highway 97 North.  Check-in is between 2:00 and 6:00 on Friday, with a cruise to the Hot Rod Café for dinner.  The show opens at 8:00 AM on Saturday and should be over between 2:30 and 3:00 with choices of some cruises after. 

All of the details about the hotel, Wenatchee Valley Apple Blossom Festival and Registration for this event are contained in the attachment.

Susie and Dale Roberts will be going to this event.  Susie’s  brother lives on 97A along the cruise route and has invited ECC Members to his home for cocktails prior to dinner.   Dinner will be at 5:30 in Wenatchee. 

This sounds like a lot of fun and could promise some sunshine!  If you are interested in going, please let Lorrie or Susie know!

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